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By: Andy Boyle
Posted: 4/23/07
An unknown man called in a false bomb threat to Othmer Hall around noon Friday.

The engineering building was closed for about two hours to students, faculty and staff members while authorities searched for…

UPDATED: 11:01, April 18, 2007

Foreign politicians and media once again attacked America's "gun culture" yesterday.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said tough legislation introduced after a mass shooting in Tasmania in 1996 had…

Forum | Claire Morgenstern

The day following the Virginia Tech shootings, a message from President Cohon was sent out via e-mail outlining procedures for seeking psychological counseling and reassuring us that we had security on campus. The…

Staff Writer
Posted: 5/22/07

The Virginia Tech massacre in late April was a shocking reminder of the importance of campus safety.

Pitt, which spends more than $9 million annually on security measures, has many organizations and…

Police plan to arrest part-time MET student today

By: Jenna Nierstedt
Posted: 4/19/07

A part-time Boston University student allegedly threatened to recreate the Virginia Tech shootings at Wheelock College late Monday, according to police, who…

UPDATED: 17:04, April 19, 2007

A total of 33 people, including the gunman Seung-Hui Cho, 23, were killed Monday at Virginia Tech University in the deadiest shooting rampage in modern US history. The whole of the United States is stunned and…

By: Martha Kim
Issue date: 4/24/07
Section: Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

As a Korean-American, I am appalled at the media's focus on the fact that the Virginia Tech killer was a "resident alien" from South Korea, even though he…

By: Marypat Heineman
Posted: 4/19/07
Nebraska Union Plaza was silent for a few moments Wednesday night as hundreds gathered in solemn remembrance.

The candlelight vigil was organized in honor of the tragic Monday shootings at Virginia Tech in…

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Topics like these are always hard to approach. For some, the event holds particular weight, either because of their relationship with the victims, with the assailant, with the location where it takes place, or because of the…

By Owen Fletcher
Princetonian Staff Writer

About a week before last week's shootings at Virginia Tech, the University made the prescient purchase of a mass alert system to notify students of campus security crises.


Convocation_Pres. BushC.JPG
President George Bush provides words of comfort at the convocation.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Donohoe

By Sam Fox Krauss
Princetonian Staff Writer

Students who kill their classmates are motivated by a desire to change their reputation, Wilson School professor Katherine Newman and politics professor Keith Whittington told about 50 students and…

News | Sarah Mogin

Wednesday night, students and faculty gathered by the Fence. In the midst of the cold and windy weather, 70 hands cupped 70 flickering flames as the Carnegie Mellon community mourned the victims of the Virginia Tech…

By: Teresa Pham
Posted: 5/14/07
In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, some universities are looking into tightening security measures on campus. In Nevada, one man is proposing a reserve police officer program that would allow employees at…

20MINUTOS.ES. 18.04.2007 - 04:54h

Ban Ki-moon, el Papa o Javier Solana han mostrado su pesar.Países 'enemigos' como Irán o Venezuela también han condenado los asesinatos.

I chose to participate in the One Day Blog Silence. There are much worse, but less publicized violence and prejudice daily, so I have spent the one day blog silence in honor of all victims of injustice around the world. The silence day was started to…
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