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Feeling guilty for sharing the Virginia Tech gunman's ethnicity will do more harm than good

By Lina Chung
Friday, April 20, 2007

After Monday's Virginia Tech tragedy, shock reverberated among the Korean American community - the…

By: Martha Kim
Issue date: 4/24/07
Section: Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

As a Korean-American, I am appalled at the media's focus on the fact that the Virginia Tech killer was a "resident alien" from South Korea, even though he…

By: Anna Lieth
Posted: 4/20/07
Days after the Virginia Tech shooter was identified as a Korean-American male by national media outlets, members of Duke's Asian Students Association gathered Thursday night to discuss the possible backlashes the…

By Michael Juel-Larsen
Princetonian Senior Writer

Though Monday's shootings at Virginia Tech had already cast a shadow over campus, the news yesterday morning that the gunman's older sister is a recent Princeton alumna brought the…

By Ilya Blanter
Princetonian Senior Writer

After the gunman in Monday's Virginia Tech massacre was identified as being of Korean origin by several news networks, members of Princeton's Korean community voiced apprehension over…
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