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By: Laura Fong | Freelance reporter |
Issue date: 4/25/07 Section: News

In honor of the 33 lives lost during the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16, University students and community members held a candlelight vigil in the Erb Memorial Union…

By: Tess McBride | News reporter
Issue date: 4/20/07 Section: News

During the two minutes of silence held Thursday around noon for the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, more than 150 heads hung low while many students and community members…

Guest commentary
By: Lach R. Liwer |
Issue date: 4/23/07 Section: Commentary

This week we witnessed a brutal act of violence directed randomly at unsuspecting students of Virginia Tech University. Seung-Hui Cho, a VT student, shot nearly 45…

In my opinion
By: Ossie Bladine |
Issue date: 4/19/07 Section: Commentary

In the wake of a tragedy that questions many aspects of American society, the community of Virginia Tech was given solace by a poem written by Hokie professor Nikki…

In brief
By: Trevor Davis | News Reporter
Issue date: 4/18/07 Section: News

The University Counseling Center is available free of charge for students suffering from stress or trauma related to Monday's Virginia Tech shooting in which a…

In my opinion
By: Elon Glucklich | Opinion Editor
Issue date: 4/23/07 Section: Commentary

The list of communities stricken by gun violence rings out like a grim roll call - it's best left out of mind, if possible. But now there is no such…

By: Letter to the editor |
Issue date: 4/26/07 Section: Commentary

In response to Elon Glucklich's article ("Controlling the threat," ODE, Apr. 23, 2007), I am also outraged by the increase in gun violence in America, especially the recent…

By: Guest Commentary |
Issue date: 5/1/07 Section: Commentary

We must not let those who abuse our rights forsake our national belief in freedom above all else. If we do, then the victims of these shooters, these evil young men who have turned…
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