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Two men hold up a banner with the slogan "God Bless Virginia Tech" and a ribbon bearing the name of April 16 victim Nicole White. Photo taken on April 16, 2008, A Day of Remembrance, just prior to the start of a student "lie-in" on the far end of the…

This photo was taken on February 21, 2008. The VT employees in the photo are from the Office of Research. Several employees wore black and red and are surrounded by employees wearing hokie colors. The photo was blown up poster size and was sent…

By: Tess McBride | News reporter
Issue date: 4/20/07 Section: News

During the two minutes of silence held Thursday around noon for the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, more than 150 heads hung low while many students and community members…

A banner was hung in front of the Squires Student Center. We will remember this painful date forever.

Photo taken April 19,2007

Signs and banner on Squires Student Center, Alumni Mall entrance. Photo taken Tuesday, May 1.

This is a banner from another university that was at the memorial.
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