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As Tulane officials rethink security policies, some Tulane students express personal grief over Monday's events
By: Marta Dehmlow
Posted: 4/20/07

Students at Virginia Tech and all over the nation will remember April 16 as a day that…

In wake of tragedy, nation is encouraged to focus on heroic victims of school shooting

By: Megan Cox
Posted: 4/20/07

A great atrocity occurred in Blacksburg on the morning of April 16. Cho Seung-Hui, a Korean-born English major at Virginia…

Posted: 4/17/07

Many news outlets are calling it "the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history." For us, yesterday's shootings at Virginia Tech were a horrible tragedy, and they're also a reminder for all of us to…

By: Sara Dover
Posted: 4/17/07
NYU officials heightened security on campus in wake of yesterday's mass shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute that left 33 people dead.

The lone gunman also wounded 29 others before shooting and killing…

By: Nick Brennan
Posted: 4/18/07
As the country begins the process of healing in the aftermath of Monday morning's shootings at Virginia Tech, NYU students are showing support for the massacre's victims.

Several student government groups…

BLACKSBURG, Va. - A steady stream of breaking news added to the tension on Virginia Tech's campus Wednesday following the Monday deaths of 33 students and faculty.

An afternoon press conference revealed that NBC News received a package…

SEVILLE, Spain - The news of the 33 deaths in Blacksburg, Va., on Monday spread a sobering cloud over the UNC students studying in this traditional Spanish city.

Here, where the streets still shut down for the sacred midday siesta, students have…

Apr 17 2007

Yesterday marked one of the darkest days in United States history, as the campus of Virginia Tech collapsed to the tune of gunshots, cries and panic. The morning's horrific aftermath was broadcast on every major news…

By: Amrita Raja

(April 16) "April is the cruelest month," wrote T.S. Eliot. He might have been right, I recall thinking, as I watched snow land on flashing police lights this morning.

There must have been a reason I flopped back onto my bed…

Shootings stun campus

By: Michael Hippchen

(11:50 a.m., April 16) While this morning's shootings on Virginia Tech's campus may have come to an end, with one shooter apparently have been captured, things are far from returning to…

By: Shamus Williams

(April 16 -- 11:55 a.m.) I am on campus as we speak and am under lockdown in Shanks Hall, which is located on the opposite side of campus from the shootings. But it is still too close for comfort.

I was in class, working…

By: Shamus Williams

(April 16) Well, I'm back safe and sound in my off-campus apartment. It has been a very scary and hectic past couple of hours to say the least.

We were released at noon, but it was not an assisted evacuation as we…
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