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By Ari Rabkin
Apr 26 2007

Between the Lines

One of the striking facts about the Virginia Tech shootings was how predictable the murderer's identity was. The authorities knew long before his rampage that Cho Seung-Hui was not merely…

By Behzad Varamini
Apr 25 2007

Gain Through Loss

Hours after students cowered behind desks and played dead in hopes that Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui would spare their lives, minutes after the body count was made public and started to…

By Sarah Singer
Sun City Editor
Apr 18 2007

Cornell responds to recent tragedy at Virginia Tech

Yesterday, several university officials hosted a media call-in where they discussed safety and security on the Cornell campus in the aftermath of…

By Jeremy Siegman
Apr 27 2007
Cosmology on the Rocks

It always feels weird swallowing real-world events like the Virginia Tech massacre in the hazy cosmopolitanism of Uris Library. Cornell and its libraries, after all, are fleeing from the…

By Claire Readhead
Apr 30 2007

The paradox of mental health services, generally, hovers around the issue of consent. Most mental health services require voluntary participation from the patient, except in extreme cases. Thus, the question…

Apr 30 2007
Re: "CUPD Assesses Campus Safety," News, April 18

To the Editor:

Thank you for the article "CUPD Assesses Campus Safety." In some ways, it made me feel a little bit safer knowing about the heightened security. However, it made me…

By Gallagher Hannan
Sun Staff Writer
May 3 2007

The tragedy at Virginia Tech has put the entire college community on edge. Although it is clear that this incident was isolated, it has raised important questions about the prevalence of high…

By Felicia Daniels
Sun Staff Writer
Apr 19 2007

Brenda Scinto '87 was in her bedroom studying in 1983, when two freshman women, Young Hee Suh '87 and Erin Nieswand '87, were fatally shot in the room above her by 26-year-old Su Yong…

By David J. Skorton
May 2 2007

I had intended this final column of the academic year to be one mainly of gratitude to my colleagues at The Cornell Daily Sun and to readers of the newspaper for permitting me this space and for the tremendously…

Apr 17 2007

Yesterday marked one of the darkest days in United States history, as the campus of Virginia Tech collapsed to the tune of gunshots, cries and panic. The morning's horrific aftermath was broadcast on every major news…

By Ben Eisen
Sun Staff Writer
Apr 25 2007

"Half of college students report having felt extremely depressed," said Ray Kim, assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, to a crowd of students in Goldwin Smith's Hollis E. Cornell…

By Lisa Grossman
Sun Staff Writer
Apr 20 2007

Students, faculty, staff and members of the Ithaca community gathered in Sage Chapel yesterday afternoon to remember and reflect on the recent tragedy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State…

By Billy McMorris
Apr 17 2007

John Manetta Once Told Me

In early modern Europe the infant mortality rate was astronomical. Crude medical practices led to a high casualty rate for mother and child alike. In many cases, new mothers would be…

From: Thomas W. Bruce []
Sent: Thu 4/19/2007 3:58 PM
Subject: President Skorton, Provost Martin, and Dean Fuchs in Remembrance of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

Dear Friends,

This afternoon witnessed a gathering…
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