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Burruss on April 16, 2008 - flag at halfstaff

One of the items on display at the Alumni Center Art Exhibit. On 4/16/08, as part of the Day of Remembrance observance, the Holtzman Alumni Center Museum displayed examples of art, crafts, quilts, and other memorabilia contributed since April 16,…

In honor of Virginia Tech, this flag was flown aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-117 mission to the International Space Station and then sent to VT by NASA. From June 8-22, 2007 it orbited the earth for 13 days, 20 hours, 12 minutes, and 44…

On display at the Perspective Gallery.

This flag was flown at half-mast beside the Statue of Liberty and then sent to Virginia Tech by the Department of the Interior.

(April 19, 2007)

I thought this gentleman was just passing through, but I saw him circle the drillfield at least twice. War Memorial is in the background.

Photo courtesy of Brent Jesiek.

Licensed under Creative Commons…

Mementos, flowers, and flags at the intermediate memorial

Photo taken April 21, 2007.


Photo courtesy of Brian Sewell.

Original Source:


Photo taken April 21, 2007.


Photo courtesy of Brian Sewell.

Original Source:

The flag flies at half staff.

Orginial Source:

Photo courtesy of Jarrod Miller

The flag in front of Burruss that I altered to VT colors

Original source:

Photo Courtesy of Kristina Cummins

The American flag at half mast in honor of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. (Uncredited photo)

Sign in front of Burruss Hall reading 'VT Stay Strong Media Stay Away.' By around this time I was sensing that this sentiment was shared by growing numbers of this community. Photo taken April 19, 2007.
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