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By: Eugene Wang
Posted: 4/20/07
Executive Vice President Tallman Trask spoke about Duke's emergency response system and Jo Rae Wright, dean of the Graduate School, reported on the future of the school at the Academic Council's meeting…

By: Zak Kazzaz
Posted: 4/18/07
Two days after the Monday massacre at Virginia Tech, students nationwide remained on edge Tuesday as more details of the tragedy emerged and additional security threats occurred on several other college campuses.


2 days later, campus still rattled by tragedy

By: Kristen Davis
Posted: 4/18/07

More than a hundred students, faculty and administrators bowed their heads in silence at 2 p.m. Tuesday, as the Duke Chapel bell tolled 33 times-once for each…

200 miles away, Duke students hold vigil, admins offer support

By: Anna Lieth
Posted: 4/17/07

After violent shootings shook students and administrators on Virginia Tech's campus Monday, members of the Duke community gathered last night to…

The shootings at Virginia Tech on Monday hit too close to home for some students and faculty at both Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools high schools.

Many said they worried that several recent graduates of East Chapel Hill and Chapel Hill high…

Outside the Box with the Managing Editor

By: Jeremy Stern
Posted: 5/7/07

I have been looking forward all year to writing this, my final column. A last hurrah before I graduate. An opportunity to thank all those who have helped me get to where…

By: Nick Brennan
Posted: 4/18/07
As the country begins the process of healing in the aftermath of Monday morning's shootings at Virginia Tech, NYU students are showing support for the massacre's victims.

Several student government groups…

I am writing with some reactions I had to three pieces in the New University of April 30, namely Anam Siddiq's front-page article on UC Irvine's vigil for the Virginia Tech community members who died on April 16, their families, and the…
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