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By Eric Quach

On Monday, April 16, the nation was shocked by the cowardly acts of a student at Virginia Tech University. As the day ended, the death toll rose to 33, including the shooter. Most Americans and the media looked back to…

By Marissa Camilon
Staff Writer

Amidst the midterms, papers and parties, college students can find it hard to believe that just a 20-minute period can actually make our lives stress-free and easier. This was the message that was…

SHOOTING: Study shows that often many common myths about school shootings are not necessarily correct.

By Chammarra Johnson
Staff Writer

Following the recent shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, an article released on…

By Dr. Thomas Parham

In the wake of the tragic events that occurred at Virginia Tech University, many in our community will be forced to wrestle with and confront some tough questions and concerns. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims…

By Tammesia Green

Following the massacre that occurred at Virginia Tech University on April 16, many have come to question their own safety at universities across the country. The profile of a school shooter, once narrowed to a lonely white…

By Philip Grant

Dear Chancellor Drake,

My most heartfelt sympathies are also with those affected by the terrible events of last week at Virginia Tech.

I write to you nonetheless not merely to share my sympathies with you,…

MOURNING: At the official UC Irvine vigil for Virginia Tech administrators offered support to students.

By Anam Siddiq
Staff Writer

In a vigil hosted by the Cross Cultural Center and UC Irvine Student Affairs, candles were…

I am writing with some reactions I had to three pieces in the New University of April 30, namely Anam Siddiq's front-page article on UC Irvine's vigil for the Virginia Tech community members who died on April 16, their families, and the…
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