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By:Editorial Board
Posted: 4/17/07

On Monday April 16, 32 Virginia Tech students were killed in a tragic shooting incident. The Miami Student editorial board is shocked and deeply saddened by this abhorrent act, and our thoughts and prayers go…

By: Elizabeth Miller
Posted: 4/20/07
I am rarely at a loss for words. But now, as I approach this column after a week of tragedy - both at Miami University and nationwide - I can hardly form a rational thought. Somehow a 500-word column needs to be…

By: John Tuzcu
Posted: 4/24/07
In the week leading up to the Virginia Tech massacre where 32 people were senselessly killed, there also happened to be Iraqi people being massacred in the bloodbath of Iraq. Five hundred Iraqi men women and children…

BU assessing safety, mental health concerns

By: Barbara Rodriguez
Posted: 4/18/07

Boston University officials are still assessing how Monday's deadly shootings at Virginia Tech will prompt any changes in BU's security and mental health…

By Uwe E. Reinhardt
Princetonian Columnist

Students gathered in Richardson Auditorium last night for a service in memory of the victims of Monday's shooting at Virginia Tech," reported The Daily Princetonian on April 18. A day earlier,…

By Brandon McGinley
Princetonian Columnist

As the epigraph for "The Brothers Karamazov," Fyodor Dostoevsky presented John 12:24:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone:…

April 27, 2007
By Editorial Board

It is a tough line to walk: simultaneously respecting those affected by tragedy and reassuring the community in a time of crisis. This year has seen numerous examples of the administration's sincere efforts…

April 20, 2007
By Jack Salisbury

The last two weeks have been rough on the world of sports. Meat-headed Don Imus, thinking he was being clever and funny, showed us that race and racism is still a paramount issue in today's America with his…

April 20, 2007
Opinion article
By Jackie Bernstein

It's time for a game of Funny/Not Funny. First: A joke overheard in the CoHo on Monday referencing the Virginia Tech massacre. Not Funny. No one laughed, and someone said, "Too soon, too…

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by

by Floyd Rudmin

The tragedy at Virginia Tech tears at the heart of everyone. Thirty-two innocent students and teachers, in the normal activities of their lives, are suddenly shot dead.…

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Tragedy enters our world
so much when it is least expected
How do we endure
The heartache after the catastrophe has occurred
We cling to our loved ones
If we are the blessed ones to survive
Yet we still are questioning
And are seeking to…

For the Hokies - ETSU event held in support of Virginia Tech

(Picture Caption)- Bernadette Cash and Sara Shaffer sign a sheet that will be made into a quilt during the ETSU gathering in memory of the victims at Virginia Tech. (Ron Campbell /…
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