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Handmade memorials were placed on one of the corners of the drillfield.

People came to the Squire Student Center with flowers and balloons to mourn for the victims on April 19.

Because of the weather, Virginia Tech moved the memorials into the Squire Student Center. We can see the flowers and blessing words everywhere.

On April 19, the Virginia Tech Association of Chinese Students and Scholars(VT-ACSS) organized a donation for the victims on the drillfield.

Community tries to come to terms with horrific attack

Maria Tchijov, Cavalier Daily Life Editor

BLACKSBURG, Va.-- In a day filled with a constant barrage of media images of the shooter who took the lives of at least three of her friends and 29…

by Joan Brasher

News of the events of April 16, 2007 - a violent shooting on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va., that resulted in the deaths of 33 students and faculty members - sent chills down the spines of all within earshot of a…

By Natalya Kostandova
Monday, April 23, 2007

The student body awoke Thursday morning expecting the day to bring much change to campus, largely in form of a couple hundred prefrosh who arrived throughout the day. Not many, however, expected to see…

Yale Daily News - Memorials are a positive force after tragedy.pdf
Published: Thursday, May 3, 2007
Opinion articles

Danielle Tumminio
Guest Column

4/17/07. When students from Virginia Tech struggled to make sense of the horror that struck their campus last week, they erected a banner on their student center…

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Mark Washenberger - May 8, 2007 - 8:19am

It's Memorial Day and I'm in the office, so of course I'm looking for ways to procrastinate. New post time!

After the VT tragedy, a local church put up 32 (by my count) flag poles in…

If you don't know what Facebook is, you've probably heard of it, especially if you have children in high school or college. It's one of those social networking sites that parents, lawmakers and educators discuss when they're concerned…
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