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ERD provides a $20,000 grant for counseling

By Christie M. Wills

They're calling it a "Hokie Cry."

It's described as a wave of emotion that washes over people in the Virginia Tech community, sometimes out of the blue, sometimes when…

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I first saw Blacksburg, and what was then V.P.I., almost fifty years ago, the summer of 1960. A member of my high school's chapter of the Future Farmers of America, I was attending the FFA's Virginia state…

32 orange and maroon crosses on display at N. Main St. entrance to Blacksburg Christian Fellowship. Photo taken Monday, April 30.

The Morning News - Personal Essays

It stunned the nation that the Virginia Tech murders took place; it shocked Virginians that they occurred in Blacksburg. A former longtime resident, BENJAMIN COHEN traces his connections to the…

Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam being interviewed on April 18,2007, two days after the Virginia Tech Tragedy.


Bei dem Massaker an der Universität in Blacksburg im Bundesstaat Virginia sind noch viele Fragen offen - unter anderem das Motiv des Amokläufers

WASHINGTON taz Fast wirkte es gespenstisch, wie routiniert die US-amerikanische…

Message of support on a wall at the Blacksburg Rescue Squad complex. Photo taken Friday, April 20.

Display of support painted on front window of Imaginations Toy and Furniture Company, South Main Street, Blacksburg. The poem reads:

If we had hinges in our heads
There wouldn't be no sin.
'Cause we could take the bad stuff out,

This woman was on College Ave. and Main Street after the convocation. This is a prime expample of how close our community is. I told her "I love you" and she replied "I love you more..."

I love this town, I have lived here all my life (19 years)…

(April 20, 2007) Message of support on Cook's Clean Center sign. On Main Street, directly across from Alumni Mall campus entrance.

Sign and ribbons of support on building in Blacksburg, at the intersection of N. Main Street and Prices Fork Road. Photo taken Monday, April 30.

We "Heart" VT sign with orange and maroon handprints, on display at N. Main St. entrance to Blacksburg New School. Photo taken Monday, April 30.

A group of friends from Blacksburg High attending the Candlelight Vigil the day after the tragedy.
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