Hoos for Hokies


Hoos for Hokies


Lindsey Wagner, Cavalier Daily Life Editor

In the wake of yesterday's tragedy, many University students felt unable to help their peers at Virginia Tech. Within seven hours of the shootings, however, plans were under way for programs to reach out to the Tech community.

Fourth-year College student Raleigh Anne Blank took steps to create a group called Hoos For Hokies, an umbrella organization that will help direct different programs to provide aid to Virginia Tech in the following weeks.

"It's a group that's supposed to be a central contact point for people to know about events that are going on," Blank said. The group will also keep students updated on how they can "help University students who were affected and Tech students who were affected."

Blank, who also helped begin the Katrina Aid and Relief Effort last August, said Hoos for Hokies was created in much the same way, by establishing an account with Alumni Hall and pooling together resources with interested students and Student Council.

Students will be able to donate to Hoos for Hokies during events to be held at the University through the next few weeks. . Representatives were present at the vigil held last night in the Amphitheater. According to Blank, Hoos for Hokies raised "a lot of money" at the vigil and has started receiving donations online as well.

Although Hoos for Hokies and Student Council are keeping in touch with Virginia Tech, Blank said she does not know for certain what the money raised will go toward, adding that already "having an arm to move for fundraising [through Hoos for Hokies] will make it happen pretty quickly."

"All of the money will go to Virginia Tech," fourth-year College student Elizabeth Chu said. "We're trying to be as least intrusive as possible and following with whatever Virginia Tech needs for the moment."According to Chu, Virginia Tech's student council president expressed a need for 30,000 candles, and Hoos for Hokies helped find candles and arranged for them to be sent to Blacksburg.

Chu is also organizing a "love letter writing campaign" to be held Thursday, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Pavilion III, during which University students will be able to write letters to the families of the victims.

"This is the most personal way for U.Va. students to express ... how saddened we are [and] how horrified we are with what happened," Chu said.

Blank urged students wishing to contribute to Hoos for Hokies to visit www.hoosonline.virginia.edu/tech.


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