Letters to the Editor: Self-defense could stop violence


Letters to the Editor: Self-defense could stop violence


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The tragic event that took place at Virginia Tech on Monday raises many questions in students' minds: How safe are we? What measures are in place to keep us safe from harm while we're in class, in our dorms, or walking across campus?

Heaven forbid that a shooting should occur on our campus, but if it did, what would you do? What could you do? The truth is ... not much.

Current law, as well as UC policy, prohibits you from providing yourself with a means of self-defense.

UCLA's weapons policy prohibits common defensive items. Like Virginia Tech, UCLA doesn't allow firearms on campus even for law-abiding individuals trained and licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Even if UCLA did, California state law forbids it.

As UC students, we're forced to remain unarmed and defenseless.

Because of this, we can only hope that suspension or expulsion will serve as a sufficient deterrent for those that mean to harm us. Forgive me if I'm less than confident.

While you could always call the police if such a situation were to occur, their response times are measured in minutes.

However, in life-threatening situations like the shooting at Virginia Tech, survival is measured in seconds.

A single armed student or faculty member could have quickly ended - if not prevented - any and all school shootings.

It's time for change. It's time to rethink the "feel-good" legislation that is leaving thousands of innocent people defenseless.

It's time to let our state and national representatives know that we want to be safe. It's time that we let university students and public school teachers protect themselves and those in their care.

I urge you to call, write a letter or send an e-mail to your representatives to ask them to make public schools and college campuses places where law-abiding citizens can defend themselves.

Craig Chi
UCLA graduate student, Electrical Engineering


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