It was a tragic day for everyone the day of the shootings on Virginia Tech. I remember coming home and being told that something was going on at Tech. I got worried because I knew so many people who were going there. I had been the campus a number of times because of track and when they were showing the locations of where the shooting took place I recognized it and almost felt as if I was there. I did not know anyone that was hurt or killed but many of them had lived in the area I grew up in. It was a very emotional day and I did not know what to think. I was hardly able to keep my eyes off of the TV and hearing that the death toll was going up I had to stop. I will admit I was afraid that someone I knew would come up but fortunately they did not. I felt for all the families and friends of the victims and even I find it hard to forgive the shooter but I know that we are all strong and will be able to. My heart and prayers go out to the VT community.


Jenni Scolese




Jenni Scolese




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