what now


what now


As the days go on and we go on with them
we recollect what we try in ways to forget
that what happened was anger within one
that killed a son with no battle won.
A daughter that died that is remembered by parents that cried.
A nation that sighed that realized it could happen anywhere as much as we try not to touch, the rationality of such a act that is now a fact.
We can not understand what this man could not stand and thus many fell and this man's story was told by his bold actions of maddness in rage and broken out in a fury from his cage.
Now we all must pray for those that our lost, and with each tear we feel the cost for a single man's fury being tossed over a day that will stay with us forever....As do the memories of those who look down from above at us below and echo their face..that we will never erase. We are all the same. Let love live. CMD.


casey dicken




casey dicken





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