University tragedy


University tragedy


Storrs Community Extends Its Support
By: Freesia Singngam
Posted: 4/17/07
The worst shooting in American history took place at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) on Monday affecting the entire nation.

The UConn community is no exception.

Students, faculty and staff watched the news and checked for updates on the Internet throughout the day. They reacted to the tragedy and the way Virginia Tech handled the situation.

"I know I speak for the entire University of Connecticut community in expressing our shock and grief at the unspeakable tragedy at Virginia Tech," President Philip Austin said in an e-mail sent to the university community Monday. "Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were the victims of this violent, senseless act, their families and their friends."

"The Virginia Tech situation is certainly a tragic situation," said Major Ronald Blicher of the UConn Police Department.

Because the case in on-going, Blicher said that it would be inappropriate to comment more on the situation.

"Certainly we can't really speculate on what happened," Blicher said. "The facts will be forthcoming."

On Monday, people were questioning the response the shootings received and how well it was handled. The shootings may have brought fear to students at UConn and across the country.

Blicher said that UConn officers are "POST" trained, which means "Police Officer Standards and Training." He said that the police are armed like any state or police department and UConn specifically, is internationally accredited.


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