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This letter was part of one of the 32 memorials. The tragedy affected people of all ages.

A card with each victim's name and a flower.

Caption says:

"This letter was sent from an Amish woman who has, herself and within her community, experienced tremendous loss. It is often individuals such as these who feel the most need to…

This letter from the Vice President for Student Affairs, Zenobia Lawrence Hikes, hung at the entrance to the Perspective Gallery in Squires.

This letter was sent by a Florida inmate along with a handkerchief with hand-drawn doves and the victims' names on it.

Today was by far the most trying day I've experienced in my life. On April 16, 2007 33 people were killed, with 15 more wounded on the Virginia Tech Campus. I know that this is likely not new information, but I repeat it just to add strength to…

April, 2007

Dear Virginia Tech community,

Feeling that we truly are brothers and sisters to all of you, please know that our prayers are constantly with you as is our great sympathy.

The very difficult time you are going through is hard…

This is a thank you letter from NIU in response to a banner and photo that was sent from the VT Office of Research.

The photo, in which employees wore black and red and are surrounded by employees wearing
hokie colors, was blown up poster size…
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