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October 16th, 2007 - During the Marching Virginians' performance at VT-Engage, mother of Jarrett Lane, a Virginia Tech shooting victim, said thank you to the band for performing at his high school's first football game this semester.…

014 Jarrett Lee Lane.jpg
Items left at the memorial plaque of Jarrett Lane on the drillfield. Photo taken on 5-1-07.

Photo by Teri H. Hoover.

Jarrett Lee Lane's Memorial.jpg
Friends and loved ones have placed several items by Jarrett Lee Lane's Hokie Stone.

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Memorial stone of Jarrett Lee Lane on 4/16/08.

Photo by Brian Sewell.


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Friday, April 20, 2007

Todos vimos/leímos sobre la matanza que hubo en Virginia Tech esta semana. Un suceso terrible que personalmente me sorprendió mucho por estar tan cercano al pueblo al que me fui de intercambio en 1997,…

President Bush speaking at Tuesday's convocation, as witnessed from the 30 yard line at Lane Stadium.
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