Let's Go Hokies!


Let's Go Hokies!


Article written for the DMAC, Motion Matters Newsletter, April Edition:

On Monday, April 16, 2007, a sanctuary of learning was violated in Blacksburg, Virginia. As a Virginia Tech Alumni, father of a VT student, husband to a VT faculty member, and avid supporter of the Marching Virginians - this tragedy really hit home. I have spent most of my last 30 years involved in the Virginia Tech community in many ways. As I attended the convocation, sitting in the club boxes at the stadium because the coliseum was filled, I felt a connection to everyone in that room, on that field, and in the coliseum like I never felt before. The expressions of grief and sorrow expressed by Governor Kaine and President Bush were eloquent, sincere and uplifting. To watch all of this unfold, the outpouring of love and support showed how resilient and strong this community is. But even more so - it showed all of the world, the value and strength and resiliency of a community of people, united in a quest to improve their lives through knowledge. The love and caring that shined bright in Blacksburg on the day after the explosion of a troubled mans mind was rewarded back with an outpouring of love in unimaginable ways by a world that truly does recognize goodness. Everyone can hang on to that Hope that leads us to the next hour, next day, to move forward with God's help.

On Tuesday, April 17, 2007 - everyone found out what a real Hokie is, and became one...... .....

We are Virginia Tech! Let's Go Hokie's..... Let's Go Hokie's..... Let's Go Hokie's


Robert White




Robert White




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