Emergency plan and safety measures information


Emergency plan and safety measures information


By Philip Caruso

The Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with the Milwaukee Police Department and other government emergency agencies, has an emergency plan and training in the event a major security issue should occur.

MPD is training all officers for an active shooter situation.

"There may be a situation when an officer can't wait for the SWAT team," MPD spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said. "We hope we never have to use it."

Public Safety officers are trained to carry semi-automatic weapons, batons and pepper spray. The university purchases bulletproof vests for Public Safety officers that they are required to wear.

Cameras have been placed around campus to aid in preventing crime.

Emergency blue light phones, which immediately connect with Public Safety dispatch, are stationed around campus.

IDs are required in order to enter residence halls and Raynor Library.

"Students and faculty should take any threatening-type comments heard from a friend or acquaintance as a serious threat and should be reported immediately," Associate Director of DPS Capt. Russ Shaw said.


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