Debbie Schlussel and the VT shootings


Debbie Schlussel and the VT shootings


<p>Tuesday, April 17, 2007</p><p>The Bill Muehlenberg Trophy: Debbie Schlussel and the Virginia Tech Shootings</p><p>Just when you think the wingnut Right can&#39;t possibly get more insane or logic-deprived than it already is, along comes <a href="">Debbie Schlussel</a>, writing on the Virginia Tech university shootings.</p><p>First, <a href="">she blamed the Muzzies</a> without a shred of evidence. Then, updating her blog entry after <a href=",22049,21571821-5001021,00.html">reports</a> emerged that the suspect was a Chinese national, she wrote:</p><blockquote>The shooter has now been identified as a <a href=",vatech041607.article">Chinese national here on a student visa</a>. Lovely. Yet another reason to stop letting in so many foreign students.</blockquote><p>When the suspect was later more vaguely described as "Asian," Schlussel saw this as a golden opportunity to revive her "it-was-a-Muzzie-wot-done-it" thesis. (This will take your breath away)</p><blockquote>Why am I speculating that the "Asian" gunman is a Pakistani Muslim? Because law enforcement and the media strangely won&#39;t tell us more specifically who the gunman is. Why?</blockquote><blockquote>Even if it does not turn out that the shooter is Muslim, this is a demonstration to Muslim jihadists all over that it is extremely easy to shoot and kill multiple American college students.</blockquote><p>Got that? (Once you&#39;ve stopped bashing yourself senseless against the keyboard.) Regardless of who is actually responsible for the massacre, it&#39;s yet another reason to hate Muslims. Holy dogshit! How are we expected to take that side of politics seriously when it keeps churning out half-wits like Schlussel?</p><p>(Via Pharyngula)</p><p>P.S. Compare Schlussel&#39;s Islamophobic dribbling to Scott Poynting&#39;s <a href="">thoughtful <span style="font-style: italic;">Perspective</span> piece on Islamophobia and moral panic</a>.</p><p><strong>UPDATE</strong>: It turns out that <a href="">the gunman was a 23-year old Korean student</a>, acting alone. Not that it makes a lick of difference to Schlussel. Maybe he&#39;s a Korean Muslim. Or maybe the Muslim centre of his brain was overstimulated. In any case, he&#39;s a foreigner. Foreigner bad. Muslim bad. Rinse. Repeat.</p><p><strong>UPDATE II</strong>: <a href="">Guess who the creationists are blaming . . . </a></p><p><strong>UPDATE III</strong>: <a href="">Guess who&#39;s planning to show up at the funerals of the slain students</a> (via <a href="">Pharyngula</a>)</p><p><strong>UPDATE IV</strong>: <a href="">Dinesh D&#39;Souza claims that atheists don&#39;t care about the shootings</a>. Why? Because Richard Dawkins "has not been invited to speak to the grieving Virginia Tech community." Shame on us atheists! Even <a href="">Fred Phelps and his WBC mourning committee</a> have the decency to pay their respects to the victims. (Pharyngula)</p><p>Originally posted at <a href="">Five Public Opinions</a></p>


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