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This is the marquee sign at West Springfield High School in Springfield, Virginia. Photograph taken on April 27, 2007 by Ronald Maggiano.

Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam being interviewed on April 18,2007, two days after the Virginia Tech Tragedy.

Penn St held their Spring Game and sold thousands of Orange and Maroon t-shirts to include a student section of 800 t-shirts that spelled out the VT logo. Some stores reported 2000 shirts selling out in 30 minutes. A record crowd of 81,000 were on…

21 April- Angela Tincher, pitcher of the #23 ranked Virginia Tech softball team warms up to reenter the first softball game played after the tragic events of 16 April. Several softball games were too be played in Bristol, VA as part of the Stateline…


Cadet Matthew LaPorte was laid to rest in Blacksburg. The Corps of Cadets marched to the cemetery to pay their respects.

From around the globe the support for Virginia Tech was amazing

What started as a simple VT leaning by a tree became a major focal point of reflection. President Bush signed this VT and a shelter was placed around the VT and other memorabilia. Taken Saturday 21 April.

The students left and the media arrived. they were everywhere. Any piece of grass or slab of concrete was fair game.

As a form of relief to help with the pain of this tragedy this file was created to remember those who were lost.

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Like many people in the West Springfield community, I truly loved Leslie. It was my absolute pleasure and honor to have taught her in my Applied History class her senior year at West Springfield High School. In her short 20 years her life…

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