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I took a picture of these flowers on the drillfield near the memorial.

This is a banner from another university that was at the memorial.

Lt. Wendell Flinchum - Email + Attached File

1 - Email Lt.W.F. - "Cryptic" - "Ismael Ax"

2 - True Reason - "Cryptic" - "Ismael Ax"

3 - 14 Apr.'07 - "True Premonition" - sister

4 - 19 Apr.'07 - "True Epiphany" - self

5 -…

Wooden plaque remembering and honoring nine students from Political Science and International Studies. Displayed on fifth floor of Major Williams Hall. Photo taken on Friday, April 27.

Front and back of postcard distributed by Valiant for Truth ( Found on April 27, 2007 in Holden Hall bathroom.

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I feel my video is unique in that I incorporate not only all the names of the 32 victims tied to their respective picture, but also many of the…


mourning doves wooed us at dusk.
warm weather early this year,
our pear trees and dogwoods
had blossomed too soon. jonquils
bristled in auspicious clusters.
even the stateliest…

At about 15 PM SLT/PST 16 April 2007 a group of Second Life residents started working on a memorial space for the VT-tragedy. People from all over the world helped out. This shapshot shows the InfoIsland memorial at 18 PM PST 16 April 2007 and the…

This is the back of the academic buildings after the press conference. I counted well over 20 ambulances on the walk back to the radio station.

Being in student media, three representatives went to the first press conference to find out what was going on. At this point we thought it was still only one shooting. Larry Hinkler saying that there were over 20 fatalities was by and large the…