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At the Paul N. Elbin Library, we asked students, staff, and faculty to sign an expression of condolence document. The Student Government Association joined in to gather signatures. Our Campus Security staff began a "Stop a Cop" campaign, asking…

We "Heart" VT sign with orange and maroon handprints, on display at N. Main St. entrance to Blacksburg New School. Photo taken Monday, April 30.

32 orange and maroon crosses on display at N. Main St. entrance to Blacksburg Christian Fellowship. Photo taken Monday, April 30.

A group of Northrop Grumman employees gathered at the flagpole at noon on Friday, 20 April 07, to remember the victims and their families and show their support for the entire Hokie family.

"Not Forgotten"

Time has narrowed,
increasing so fast.

With no escape,
nothing will last.

32 ever so freightened,
broken hearts are vast.

Fear building courage,
their moment shall never…


They lost their life on that fateful day
April 16th together we pray.
No motive, no means, to commit such a crime.
What began a Monday morning,
lost like a drop of a dime.

A community, our school,

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It's a tribute done and aired shortly following the events of Virginia Tech on WUSY in Chattanooga, TN. It includes music from Kenny Chesney and Martina McBride with audio from news accounts and the service held on campus with President George W…

Its seems very unfair to be caught in something as sad as what happened April 16th. Its a sad world though it seems and most people are to caught up in their own lives to take notice. Think of all the accomplishments that will not be made to society…

I am a college student at WCC in wytheville, Va. I am honored to stand with the faculty and students of Virginia Tech as a Hokie. I was able to visit VT on the Saturday after and i was overwhelmed by the sadness and heart break. They will over come…

one of the many trees around the drillfield