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A huge VT support poster was hung in the Squires Student Center. This poster was filled with fingerprints and moving messages.

Photo taken April 19,2007

People volunteered to set up a stone marked with "VT" for other people to light candles.

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A home-made armband I made for Orange and Maroon Effect (April 20, 2007)

I took a picture of these flowers on the drillfield near the memorial.

What started as a simple VT leaning by a tree became a major focal point of reflection. President Bush signed this VT and a shelter was placed around the VT and other memorabilia. Taken Saturday 21 April.

As a form of relief to help with the pain of this tragedy this file was created to remember those who were lost.

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VT flowers on the drillfield near the Burruss memorial. Photo taken Friday, April 20.