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MOURNING: At the official UC Irvine vigil for Virginia Tech administrators offered support to students.

By Anam Siddiq
Staff Writer

In a vigil hosted by the Cross Cultural Center and UC Irvine Student Affairs, candles were…

People have come together on the drill field and offer prayer.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Donohoe

An individual mourns and pays respect to the victims at one of the memorial sites on the drill field.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Donohoe

By: Matt Williams
Posted: 5/7/07

On April 18, 2007 President Richard Joel hosted this semester's town hall meeting on the Beren Campus at 215 Lexington. The assembly was attended by more than one hundred students, and although the vast…

Community tries to come to terms with horrific attack

Maria Tchijov, Cavalier Daily Life Editor

BLACKSBURG, Va.-- In a day filled with a constant barrage of media images of the shooter who took the lives of at least three of her friends and 29…

We were supposed to do a project either showing ourselves perceptually or in response to the Virginia Tech shootings. Since I already have a self-portrait for pretty much every year of my life, I decided to do the latter.

After watching the Cho…

Anyone who is not living an incredibly secluded life (if you are, can I join you there?) has probably heard about the tragedy at Virginia Tech. where a gunman killed some 33 people, including himself. I've struggled whether to weigh in on this or…

The scene of the main memorial site on the drill field allows students, faculty, staff, families, and others to grieve.

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Photo courtesy of Roger Gupta

I left Blacksburg close to three years ago after attending Virginia Tech for both undergraduate and graduate school. I never thought that my sleepy alma mater tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains could be the site of such a horrific tragedy. My friends…

UC San Diego students attend a somber vigil to express their concern for the Virginia Tech community.

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Photo Courtesy of Hydie Cheung