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Handmade memorials were placed on one of the corners of the drillfield.

After the vigil,people left candles and flowers on the drillfield to express their sadness and grief.

One week after the shooting,people set six flags on the lawn of the drillfield to mourn the victims.

After April 16, plastic daisies have regularly been laid down at various places on the drillfield in the shape of the VT logo, near the temporary memorial in front of Burruss Hall. This photo was taken on Thursday, June 14.

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Memorials for Ross Abdallah Alameddine, one of the victims in April 16's tragedy.

People bring flowers and balloons to the drillfield, in order to mourning for the victims.

After April 16, a lot of people came drillfield to mourn for the victims every day.

On April 19, the Virginia Tech Association of Chinese Students and Scholars(VT-ACSS) organized a donation for the victims on the drillfield.

On April 19, people volunteered to set up a place of prayer in the corner of the drillfield.

The week after the tragedy,people got together to mourn for the victims around the drillfield.

VT 4-16-07 035.jpg
One of the many trees on the drillfield wrapped in remembrance.

Candlelightvigil_with Jewish Community .JPG
My wife (Nina), Katie (son's fiancee), her friend Rachel and I attended the Candlelight Vigil @ the drillfield after the events of 4/16. We happened to meet w/ some of the Jewish Community (Sue Kurtz, her husband, Alicia Cohen and others) @…

Cho Seung-Hui's Hokie Stone memorial on the drillfield. Photo taken Thursday, June 14.

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Construction of an intermediate memorial in front of Burruss Hall is currently underway. The semicircle of Hokie Stone victim memorials have been moved forward to make room for the renovations. Photo taken Thursday, June 14.

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orange and maroon 2.jpg
Orange and maroon balloons released at a Hokies United drillfield memorial service on the morning of Monday, April 23, 2007.

Panorama photo of the drillfield taken just prior to the start of the Hokies United memorial on Monday, April 23.

the stones.jpg
These are part of the 32 stones for the victims near Burruss Hall.

a day of mourning.jpg
one of the many trees around the drillfield

The memorial boards under the tent on the drillfield
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