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A kid holding a lit candle at the candlelight vigil on the Virginia Tech campus.

Photo courtesy of Ivan V. Morozov

Early on the morning of Monday, August 20 - the first day of Fall 2007 classes - a large banner reading "You Fit Here" is on display near the War Memorial Chapel. The drillfield, intermediate memorial, and Burruss Hall are visible in the background.…

Shortly after 8 AM on Monday, August 20 - the first day of classes - a group of cadets makes their way across a largely empty drillfield. The intermediate memorial, visible center right, was dedicated the previous day. The large tent used for the…

View of the intermediate memorial, color guard, and crowd during the dedication ceremony on August 19, 2007. Members of the Marching Virginians are visible at the front of the crowd. Spectators are also visible in the distance, on the top of the War…

Over Memorial Day weekend flowers, ribbons and condolences continued to occupy the drillfield in front of Burruss Hall

Picture 060.jpg
The drillfield monuments drew many people over the Memorial Day weekend.

A massive crowd gathered on the drillfield for the dedication of the intermediate memorial on August 19, 2007. Many spectators escaped from the heat under shady trees. Hokies United Memorial T-Shirts were a very common sight.

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After the intermediate memorial dedication ceremony, interviews such as this one were commonplace. But while there was clearly a media presence at this event, it was subdued in comparison to the immediate aftermath of April 16.

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Wide view of crowd, tent, and speakers' stage at the dedication ceremony for the intermediate memorial. The War Memorial, which was another popular spot for spectators, is on the far left. Photo taken August 19, 2007.

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A steady stream of people, many clad in orange and maroon, make their way across the drillfield prior to the dedication of the intermediate memorial on August 19, 2007. As suggested by this photo, many spectators watched the ceremony from the top of…

Prior to the dedication ceremony for the intermediate memorial, a WDBJ7 cameraman scans the crowd. Members of the Marching Virginians stand in the foreground. Photo taken on August 19, 2007.

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Thousands of faculties,staffs and students of Virginia Tech stood on the drillfield for vigil.

Original Source:新华网

People mourned for the victims on the drillfield. Vigil on April 17


On April 17,a student of Virginia Tech wrote message on one of the posters on the drillfield before vigil.

Original Source:新华社

People brought handmade gifts and flowers to the drillfield memorial site to mourn and pray for the victims every day.

Numerous people visited the Hokie stone memorial site on the drillfield. They placed flowers and gifts around this memorial site. We will always remember the victims.

On April 20, the VT-ACSS organized a donation on the drillfield. In this photo, several Chinese students were making origami cranes. The Chinese community of Blacksburg uses the "1000 cranes" to express grief and remembrance.

A student mourned for the victims in front of the Hokie stone memorial site of the drillfield one week after the shooting.

A memorial site for one of the victims whose name is Daniel Perez Cueva,around the Hokie stone on the drillfield.

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Maroon and orange ribbons remained on trees on the drillfield over the Memorial Day weekend.
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