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Issue Date:Wednesday April 18, 2007
Section: Editorial Section

There are still many questions left for the Blacksburg, Va., community as police and federal agents continue to investigate the gunman's trail.

But there is one startling…

Issue Date:Tuesday April 17, 2007
Section: Sports Section
By Tim Tassa, Sports Editor

Monday morning's events make sports seem so petty, so irrelevant.

Every year there are one or two tragedies of monumental proportion that unite…

Issue Date:Tuesday April 17, 2007
Section: HeadLine News Section

In response to the shootings at Virginia Tech, West Virginia University President David Hardesty said Monday afternoon in a statement that the "campus police are alert to the…

Tuesday April 17, 2007
Section: Editorial Section
Christian Alexandersen, Senior Staff Writer

As I write this column, I, like most people in the world, am in disbelief of the terrible shootings that occurred on the Virginia Tech campus that…