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Text messages can notify police

By: Katy Doll, Staff Writer
Posted: 4/20/07

UNC officials are implementing a phone system that alerts campus police when students are in danger.

Beginning this fall, the University will offer the Rave…

Will examine campus security

By: David Reynolds, Staff Writer
Posted: 4/20/07

In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy, school systems across the country are discussing new security measures to ensure that such a harrowing event never…

By: Amanda Younger, Staff Writer
Posted: 4/23/07

Ardent UNC men's basketball fans stood aghast at a January defeat at the hands of Virginia Tech, cringing at the sight of any reminder of their Virginian foes.

But for one day, students…

New leader reaching out to Va. Tech

By: Meghan E. Woods, Staff Writer
Posted: 4/23/07

Not even three weeks into her term, Student Body President Eve Carson has found herself trying to console both the UNC and Virginia Tech campuses.


Few mention Va. Tech during Sunday sermons

By: Allison Nichols, Assistant State & National Editor
Posted: 4/23/07

The Rev. Ruth Stevens, whose son graduated from Virginia Tech in 2004, was one of few ministers of Franklin Street churches to…

More gun control doesn't infringe on right to bear arms

By: Editorial Board
Posted: 4/23/07

It took little time for the journalists and political pundits to start talking gun control.

This editorial is not just about last week's…

Some students able to forgive

By: Erin France, State & National Editor
Posted: 4/24/07

BLACKSBURG, Va. - The first day back to class for Virginia Tech students began with a morning ceremony honoring the 32 students and faculty killed by senior…

By: Alexander Trowbridge, Staff Writer
Posted: 4/25/07

The shooting at Virginia Tech last week put the gun control issue back in the national public forum.

While Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine dismissed taking political advantage of the incident as…

By: Kellen Moore, Staff Writer
Posted: 4/25/07

With last week's Virginia Tech shootings still fresh in the minds of many, UNC officials are looking to evaluate residence hall safety as one area of emphasis.

With about 7,700 students living…

Posted: 4/26/07


In the wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, we have the opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of the students affected by this tragedy. Eve Carson made the suggestion to find someone at Virginia Tech to…